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ES File Explorer File Manager Apk Mod Free Download

ES File Explorer Mod APK

ES File Explorer Mod APK is a file manager developed by ES Global, a subsidiary of DO Global for Android Devices. This includes features such as cloud storage integration, FTP or LAN and document transfer from Android to Windows via the root browser. ES File Explorer File Manager APK Mod is a complete file manager (applications, documents and multimedia) for local and network use! With over 300 million users worldwide, ES File Explorer (File Manager) is the world’s most powerful Android file manager.

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ES File Explorer File Manager APK Mod allows any Android user to easily manage all their files, access everything on their mobile device, and then share it whenever they want. Uploading photos, watching movies and managing your 3G connection is now even easier. When you work with your files, you have the classic options you’re used to on desktop computers, such as: B. Copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename. You can also email files to anyone.

ES File Explorer APK

It comes with a tool to kill running applications, direct cloud storage (via Dropbox, Google Drive or Skydrive) and numerous additional features such as an FTP client, so you can use it both on your mobile device. PC. ES File Explorer Cracked APK is one of the best Android file managers. If you are looking for one of the best file management apps on Android phones or tablets, we suggest you install it. ES File Explorer Mod is an excellent tool for managing files and programs.

This application is a free file management tool in the Android market that offers many functions. You can manage your files in a beautiful user interface and classify, create folders, rename, copy, delete and move them. ES File Explorer Mod APK is a very useful tool for advanced Android users, as it offers countless possibilities. You can also unzip ZIP or RAR files, access document content into many different file types, and even access content on your computer over a WiFi network.

ES File Explorer Mod APK Features

With the “Library” option, users can view various applications, music and images installed on their smartphones. ES File Explorer File Manager provides quick access to images and other applications. With “Library”, the user can even see the actual location of the application on a smartphone.

ES File Explorer Premium APK Mod lets users easily choose different screen views from the list of available options. Users can create a new screen, set a default screen, and close the irrelevant screen. The “Clipboard” function can be used to correct the functions of this application.

File transfer
Users can quickly transfer files over a specific network using the ES File Explorer File Manager APK Mod and take advantage of the ability to share files with other users. This is sure to save user time that can be wasted on slow Bluetooth streaming. The release or transfer of files is done quickly through this application.

This option in ES File Explorer Pro APK Mod allows users to add a specific tool to the favorites list. With just one click, the user can immediately switch to their favorite tool. Messages, downloads, Facebook, documents, weather, apps, images, Google, movies, and music options can be added to this list.

The cloud network of ES File Explorer Premium Mod APK maintains the user with several advantages. First, the need to access different devices is reduced. Users can easily manage their data on different devices on different networks. Cloud makes it easy to instantly save changes to a single location, even when editing from different locations.

Various tools and functions can be selected through the “Sidebar” option, which is available in the ES File application. Users can choose between several options that are necessary for the proper functioning of this application.

ES File Explorer File Manager Apk Mod

Advanced Features

Remote administrator
Most of the ES File Explorer APK Mod had already recognized that the remote administration tool for this tool was excellent. Users can connect to a network and work together on different devices. Various devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones can be connected and operated over a network. The connection can be made easily and without complaints.

User Applications
Users can view the applications installed on their smartphones and even control the functionality ES File Explorer File Manager. Find out more about the app version and the space used by the app here. You can also block apps from here and view their permissions. You can restrict the usability of the application on your smartphone.

Access to tools
“Tool Access” is the most important function of the ES File Explorer. You can access any tool integrated in this application. The “Download Manager” can be accessed to manage the downloaded data from your smartphone using the ES file tool. With System Manager, you can manage applications and tasks based on their user access permission.

Local side view
It is a snapshot of all the content on the device. The user can use the Start option to view the folders associated with each application. He / she can even manage the content on the device and make sure what is downloaded to the device. With ES File Explorer, the user can access the files and data stored on the device. The user can even delete redundant data that is not needed on the phone.

The user can access various network options to take advantage of full connectivity. With the cloud, LAN and similar connectivity options, the user can connect to different networks. The user can take full advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity feature.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Analytics/Crashlytics are disabled.
  • Optimized graphics and refined sources for fast loading
  • System hidden files have been unlocked
  • Ads Removed
  • SMB 2.0 has been unlocked
  • Sponsored banner layout removed
  • Theme Selector unlocked
  • Splash Screen deleted
  • ES File Explorer Mod APK has now unlocked Real-Time Monitor
  • There are no swollen vessels on the sdcard
  • Delete feedback in the output application
  • Message box + social button removed from the menu
  • Native admob + mopub advertising banner layout removed
  • Disabled / deleted unwanted permissions, receivers and services
  • All ad banners in tablet mode have been removed

How to Install ES File Explorer File Manager APK Mod

  1. First of all download the file from the given links.
  2. Install the APK file.
  3. It’s Done. Enjoy the Premium Version for free!

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